Fiction & Essays

Criminal Operations, The Copperfield Review Anthology (Feb. 2022) 

Crossing the Bar, Litbreak Magazine (2021) 

Reading Life, Litbreak Magazine (2021) 

An excerpt from the novel Graft, Dim & Flaring Lamps: A Historical Fiction Anthology (2021) 

An excerpt from the novel Graft, Sundial Magazine (2021) 

Academic Articles & Reviews 

’Holy Church is not able to recognize her’”: The Virtues and Interpretation in Marguerite Porete’s Mirror.” History of Religions (Winter 2013)

“Is Bowling a Sport: Thinking Theoretically about Religion.” Teaching Theology and Religion (2012)

Pan’s Labyrinth.” The Journal of Religion and Film: 12 (April 2008)

Review, Holy Bones, Holy Dust: How Relics Shaped the History of Medieval Europe, by Charles Freeman. Journal of World History (January 2012)

Review, Pain and Suffering in Medieval Theology: Academic Debates at the University of Paris in the Thirteenth Century, by David Mowbray. The Medieval Review  (January 2010)


Tin House novel workshop (2020)

Solving the Literacy Crisis in Oregon, The Way by OR360 (monthly contributor)